Megan's Helping Hands

M.H.H. believes there is nothing more unstoppable than a community that works together - when people come together, things happen!

Ongoing Donations

Free clothes, blankets, shoes, hygiene & food! 

M.H.H. is not a shelter. For services we are not able to provide, we will be happy to connect you with local shelters and or direct contacts.



Megan's Helping Hands is a wonderful non-profit organization with the friendliest volunteers helping distribute essential items to those in need. A mother's love for her daughter and the need to keep her beautiful daughters name in our thoughts and heart is only the beginning of this story. I know in my heart that Megan's Helping Hands is going to go above and beyond the call of our community. This organization is going to make waves, just you wait and see! Lives are already being changed by M.H.H. Let's continue to donate and help our brothers and sisters in need! Thank you, Betty, for allowing me to donate to M.H.H. You are a true gem :) What a blessing you have created in the name of your daughter, Megan.

Nov 7, 2023

Megan’s helping hands is a beautiful organization that helps bring basic needs to people in our community. Being able to reach some of those in need within our home city has been an amazing experience.

Nov 7, 2023

I'm a Community Health Worker with Whittier First Day Coalition. Megan's Helping Hands is a wonderful organization that has a huge impact. They hold monthly events featuring a hot meals, hygiene kits, and clothing. The entire staff welcomes 'ALL', with compassion and eagerness to provide assistance. Betty leads the way with open arms and posses a huge heart. Please support such an amazing organization.

Nov 7, 2023